30s are the new 20s?

Now that I’ve finished up my first year of being in my 30s, I’ve begun to notice that my tastes and actions have become way more ‘adult-like.’ Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing…..but I’m trying to embrace it the best I can!

20s: Single tall vanilla 1% latte OR a super fancy flavored mocha with whipped cream. I liked ’em sugary and sweet!
30s: Triple grande americano with two ‘Sugar in the Raw’ and a splash of cream OR a french press in a pinch. Less calories, more caffeine. I’m officially addicted.

20s: Driving way too fast and aggressive. You’d think I was a race car driver.
30s: Driving a bit too slow. Cruisin’ the right hand lane more often and disliking driving at night or in bad weather.

20s: Consume, consume, consume. Closet out of control…clothes for days. Who cares if I only wear it once? I LOVE SHOPPING.
30s: Less is more. De-clutter. Looking at what’s most flattering for my body. Paying a bit more for quality items. But, I still LOVE SHOPPING šŸ™‚ That will never change…..

20s: Gimme all the technology I can get! Facebook, Twitter, iphone, laptops, Kindle, Pinterest, Instagram. Gotta be connected at all times and document every thing I do. Maj brain stress!
30s: I need a tech timeout. Starting to disconnect more, especially on the way home. Brain feels way less stressed šŸ™‚

20s: Diet, exercise then diet some more. Counting every little piece of food consumed.
30s: Exercise, exercise, exercise. Goal is to stay active and MOVE. Walking lots more. Gym time is flexible. No food monitoring.

Have you noticed any changes in your behaviors/actions/tastes during a milestone birthday year??? Do you feel like an ultra-adult person these days like I do?


31 here I come.

A little pre-bday weekend surprise at work
 As President of the JFS Development Fun Committee – I approve! Thanks peeps!
Onto a three day weekend full of food, friends and good times.


Krav Maga B Day Party

Just some tidbits from this weekend’s birthday fight night!

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