5 Months

Likes: hair and/or beard pullings.
Dislikes: sleeping between the hours of 2 and 7 a.m.


4 Months

Likes: sucking her thumb.
Dislikes: ending up on her tummy after she rolls over.


3 Months

Likes: kicking and funny faces.
Dislikes: being burped.


2 Months

Likes: sleeping on people.
Dislikes: her own barf touching her (but can ya blame her?!)


The Future


Extremely disappointed in our political system right now but am determined to raise this little one with compassion and respect for others, a deep-seated sense of self-worth and the strength to speak up and take action. My responsibility as a parent and mother of a girl has weighed heavily on my heart these past few weeks. There’s a sense of guilt knowing that we’ve brought her into an uncertain world where sexism, racism, xenophobia and homophobia could become the norm. Scary, hun? As overwhelming as it is at times, I’m trying to focus the small things we can do as a family to raise this kiddo so that she knows those things are not OK. Hate will have no home here.

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