34 Things I’ve Learned

In honor of my 34th birthday that’s quickly approaching, here are the top 34 things I’ve learned so far on my years here on earth! In no particular order, mind you…

  1. Always pet your dog.
  2. Travel…to Eastern Washington or Eastern Europe. It doesn’t matter!
  3. Dessert is OK for breakfast sometimes.
  4. Call your grandparents.
  5. Explore your own backyard. Try that restaurant around the corner or bird watch from your patio.
  6. Turn off the TV and pick up a book now and then.
  7. Shop local.
  8. Be prepared. Have the basic emergency items on hand.
  9. Grow something.
  10. Send out photos. Not everyone is on the Facebook.
  11. Know how to make a good cup of coffee at home.
  12. Save a little.
  13. Find comfortable shoes and wear them to death.
  14. Have a signature dish that can be the star at any party.
  15. Purposely leave your phone at home sometimes.
  16. Take your vitamins.
  17. Buy new bras every 6 months.
  18. Stay connected to your friends. I’ve found that life can get in the way more and more as we get older.
  19. A glass of wine on a Tuesday can taste better than a glass on Saturday.
  20. Less is more (and the less you have to clean up!)
  21. Appreciate your family.
  22. Yoga can actually be a workout.
  23. It’s always helpful to have your favorite cookie recipe memorized.
  24. Moisturize on the daily.
  25. Take a hike.
  26. Support a farmer.
  27. Find the best foundation for your face, no matter the cost.
  28. Be grateful.
  29. Try and speak your partner’s love language.
  30. Have a dress that makes you feel like thebomb.com. and can be worn night or day.
  31. Make plans. And more importantly, keep them.
  32. Create things.
  33. Find a little grace within yourself.
  34. There’s no such thing as too many naps.
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