Bathroom Remodel: Before

IMG_8413Well, we pulled the trigger and just completed our main bathroom remodel! Guys, I’m so excited about this! We’ve been bathing in a fairly disgusting, chipping green tub for the past two years and I’d been dreaming about the day when it’d head to the dump (along with the green, bum-pinching toilet and tiny sink!) Mark January 5, 2016 as the day folks! It finally happened.

We left the actual remodel to the professionals and hired Sanco Construction per a co-workers recommendation. Owner Scott and I chatted about what Adam and I wanted back in mid-December and he gave us a very reasonable estimate and timeline. I’d got a few other bids, but they must think a gal like me is s-t-u-p-i-d because they overbid, like way overbid. I’m not going to pay $20k for a new bathroom unless it’s 100% gold yo! One even directed all of the questions to Adam, even though it was well established that I was the woman in charge. Cool guys, real cool. But I digress…

We didn’t mess with the footprint at all as the space is quite small. They only thing we added was a ceiling fan because showers = maj steam. Not sure how the previous owner went without one! We also didn’t go crazy with high end fixtures or tile work. We just wanted a timeless, clean look. So here’s where we started (I’m almost embarrassed to show these!) Looking forward to sharing the final after pictures with you shortly! Stay tuned…


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