In bloom

Taken with my iphone during my evening walk with Stella. I’m ready for spring!

Garden Update

The garden has been growing like crazy with our wacky weather of sunshine and rain. Haven’t had to break out the sprinkler more than a handful of times, which is nice. Attempted to grow some veggies out there – don’t think I really have enough sun for that, but it was worth a shot. I did get a small harvest of peas for a snack for Adam though!


How does your garden grow?

Landscaping a shady garden

Landscaping a shady garden
Spring needs to sprung real fast – and I mean real fast! I’ve been slowly getting back into the garden these past few weekends when there’s been a break in the weather, cleaning up the mess from the winter. Some plants have come back (yay!) and others haven’t. I’d say I’m working with a 90% survival rate from the previous year – go me. Things are starting to bloom again, just need a tad more sun. I did lose my evergreen clemantis, but have replaced it with this pink beauty above. Fingers crossed this one survives and thrives.

I also decided to turn my sunny fence line into a mini garden. Not sure if it’s going to work or not with the amount of sun I’ve got, but we’ll see. Planted green beans, peas and sweet peas and will eventually throw in some tomatoes once the sun comes out. Mom and I are headed to FlowerWorld this weekend so hopefully they’ve got some good starts!

Let’s get diiirty.


Spent a few hours pullin’ weeds and composting the flower beds this weekend. There were some pretty scary looking dead annuals creeping around in there! It looks so bare right now though if you look closely, things are starting to poke through (which I failed to realize until I’d stepped on a few hostas, crap.) Trying to contain myself from running to Flower World to buy more plants. Gotta wait until the end of April (at least that’s what I keep telling myself) so they’ll have a chance at making it with a bit more sun. Though with all of this rain we’ve been having, I’d probably be better off buying swamp plants. Ugh.



Glad for Glads!

Just some pretty pictures from my garden. Things are really starting to bloom with the hot weather we’ve been having. Woke up the other morning to my glads in full splendor. So gorgeous!

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