Gardener porn.

I’m already dreaming of spring where I can dig into that lovely plot-o-land in the backyard and plant those green goodies. I’ve been sketching out different layouts lately and narrowing down the veggies we will be growing next year. I know, I know….it seems like such a long time off, but I’ve read that some plants need to be started inside in January for planting in early spring!


I’m trying to only plant what grows well in the PNW so you won’t see anything uber exotic – just the basics for this gal (and snap peas for Stella, that dog can’t get enough!) Other veggies that have made the cut so far: green beans, carrots, corn, lettuce/spinach, squash, tomato and zucchini. Also considering cauliflower and broccoli, but I’m not sure if planting 4 or 5 plants is really worth it. I want plants that generate TONS of veggies people!

It’s SO hard to not to want to buy 5 different kinds of carrots when flipping through these seed catalogues because, you know, buying 5 different carrot seeds is totally a normal thing. Oh man, this might become an obsession.

Have you had success gardening in the PNW? Any tips you can share?


That’s Plum Crazy Nuts!

Yesterday, was my first day exploring our new house. After a quick walk through, I high tailed it out to the yard to check on the large, private blackberry patch located just behind our fence. Priorities, I know……I also knew it was just about time for those berries to be ready!
Let’s just say I was not disappointed. Maj blackberries going on in the “BS Black Berry Patch” (Brown/Sugiura – duh!) I harvested a few cups but I suspect I could have picked a few gallons if I’d had more time. As I was wandering back to the house, I noticed a few other interesting trees with some killer fruit growing. Holy jackpot! Italian plums? Figs?! Grapes? (OK, not as cool as the other two, but they look neat)
Man. Mature fruit trees. How could I be so lucky? I was really hoping I’d have a few….but when we saw the house last it was over a month ago and nothing was really in bloom. And, as my mom walked through the yard later that afternoon, she pointed at a tree and said it’s a hazelnut tree. I think I just about fainted. How freaking cool is that?
I do plan on adding both an apple and a pear tree next spring to round out my fruit tree collection and a big ole garden will also be in the works. Screw the farmer’s market, I’ve got my own backyard full of treats! This is one excited urban farmer.


OK, so maybe it’s not so bad living at home. Fresh raspberries straight from the vine! Take that farmer’s market. Ha!

Total tile.

Been spiffin up the ole condo lately. Not sure if we’re going to rent it out or sell it, but either way the bathroom and backsplash were in dire need of some love. I thought about doing it myself, but by the time I purchased all of the supplies, etc. it just seemed far easier to have my handydude do it instead. I wanted to go more mod, but all of the cool tiles looked a bit silly in the space so I swallowed my stylish pride and went with neutrals. Not horribly exciting, but it gets the job done!


How does your garden grow?

I’ve had zero time to work in the garden this spring, but regardless of my lack of effort, my flowers still bloomed! Love these pale pink clemantis. Hopefully, once we’re back from vacation, I can find some time to get my hands dirty again.
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