wedding 3.

Seattle wedding photography Sodo -

We didn’t have a large wedding party, which was a good thing and a bad thing. Good because there were less people to round up and bad because we didn’t get any photos with our dear friends. Looking back, I should have found a way to make the friends photos happen. Darn it. BUT action shots happened, so there’s that!Bride and maid of honor photo shoot in Seattle -

Fun wedding photo idea -

Groom and best man photo shoot - culitvatedrambler.comFun wedding photo shoot idea - culivatedrambler.comThe family photos were the ones I was most nervous about. I was a mild train wreck at this point in the day. We’d been taking photos for a few hours and I just wanted to be done and relax a little. Rounding up everyone was a bit of a task and I suspect I might have yelled at people once or twice. Sorry/not sorry people. Pay attention!How to stage a family wedding photo shoot - 01-293 01-290 01-282


wedding 2.

First look photos on Seattle rooftop - cultivatedrambler.comOh, the first look! I was so nervous to see him! I had found this BEAUTIFUL photo of a couple taken on a “secret” rooftop garage in Seattle. The photographer wouldn’t share the location, so I did a bit of sleuthing and figured out where it was. Thanks Google Earth – hello Macy’s parking garage!Close up first look wedding photography - cultivatedrambler.comFirst look rooftop location in Seattle -

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the weather was crisp, clear, and WAY sunny, which washed everything out. Our photographers did their best, but that soft, dusky light that I was hoping for was not to be found. Oh well! I think we still got a few good ones! I’m going to keep this location in mind for another shoot down the road. I wanna capture us in that light!Urban wedding photography in Seattle - cultivatedrambler.comUnique wedding photography location - cultivatedrambler.comThe second location for our bride and groom photos worked out much better. Out of all of the photos, I love these the most! Our smarty pants photographer scouted out some locations pre-wedding and found this gem of a place. The drama – I die. I’m so glad she went the extra mile for us. These are getting framed and going on the wall!Pink and purple orchid wedding bouquet -


wedding 1.

Please bear with me….I’ve got lots of photos to share and am going to break ’em up into a 5 parter if that’s cool with you guys 🙂 Wedding Post 1 is dedicated to the morning of the wedding as we were getting ready in different parts of our fair city.

My sister and I spent the night at the Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle. We had a lovely, spacious suite and my friends Penny and Megan (aka Pegan!) visited that morning for breakfast. Hair and makeup weren’t due to start until 11 a.m. so we had lots of time to kill – almost too much time if you ask me! My parents showed up right as our beauty regimes began and we were dressed and out the door in no time.Getting ready wedding photos with puppy - Getting ready wedding photos - Putting the finishing touches on the wedding dress - Rings and the dress - Adam and his brother, Josh, spent the morning at our hizzle on S. Beacon Hill. I heard it was a very typical morning – they went out for brunch and hit the local gym. I love how our photographer captured these storyboard images of him. Swoon, that beard!Groom getting ready - cultivatedrambler.comGroom finishing touches -

Blue and purple wedding tie -
 Next up, the first look…



campers have s’more fun!

Camping themed bridal shower -
The spread!

Yeah they do! My sis threw me this amazeballs bridal shower, which was camping themed – duh. Instead of the traditional pots ‘n pans registry, the Mr. and I decided that we’d like to upgrade our camping gear. Over the years, it had grown into a lot of old, hand-me-downs that were looking a bit rough for wear. A goal we have for 2015 is to spend more time in the great outdoors so this worked right along with our plan!

BLs were consumed, s’more dip was spread, beyond generous gifts were opened….overall an amazing time.  Many thanks to my sister, Liz, and the rest of the family for throwing us such a fabulous shower. As the recipient of all of this cool swag, I invite you all to camp with us in the next year. We’ll be the fancy campers with all of the cool gear 🙂

S'more dessert - camping themed bridal shower -
S’more dip!


Flannels were welcome!


Cupcake Royale Critter Cupcakes -
Critter cupcakes!
I mean, come on!


Camping themed appetizers -
Like I said, snacks were on point.


Camping themed bridal shower -
The best hostess a gal could have!

a smelly bday.

King Charles Mix Dog

I don’t know the time or date of when you were born, nor do I know your birth parents. They said you and your siblings were an accident, an accident that I was happy to take. This year is your ninth year of life – aka 63 in dog years – though you act like you are a spry two year old, which amazes me with all that you’ve been through.

You’re getting a tad bit greyer around the muzzle and are getting very set in your ways, like most older folks do, but I love you none the less. You’ve taught me responsibility, perseverance (especially when it comes to cookies) and that a head scratch is WAY more important that an iphone.

Happiest birthday to my #1 puppy.

Your Mamma

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