This dog is turning 10

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We don’t know the exact date of your birth, so we’ll just call September your birthday month! Happy birthday to the smartest, most annoying, hangry, barky, cutest, most person-like dog around. Though you’ve cost us our savings many times over, think that the garden patio is your personal toilet and eat things you shouldn’t, we wouldn’t trade you for the world šŸ™‚ Love you Smells. XO.


a smelly bday.

King Charles Mix Dog

I don’t know the time or date of when you were born, nor do I know your birth parents. They said you and your siblings were an accident, an accident that I was happy to take. This year is your ninth year of life – aka 63 in dog years – though you act like you are a spry two year old, which amazes me with all that you’ve been through.

You’re getting a tad bit greyer around the muzzle and are getting very set in your ways, like most older folks do, but I love you none the less. You’ve taught me responsibility, perseverance (especially when it comes to cookies) and that a head scratch is WAY more important that an iphone.

Happiest birthday to my #1 puppy.

Your Mamma


this dog.

 I don’t know whose more excited, Stella or myself! We had a good haul this week. The green beans are on their tail end, but bringing up the rear are plums, tomatoes and squash. It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of our garden. You have tender peas and baby lettuce in the early spring, raspberries in early summer, then come zucchini by the truckload and green beans. Tomatoes pop up right when you think there’s nothing exciting left and peeping through the leaves are starts of delicata and acorn squash right in time for a September harvest. It’s almost, do I dare say? Romantic. I know, I’m strange. Sigh. It’s just such a cool ebb and flow to witness day after day.
I’m not much of a plum fan so hit me up if you want to come and grab some! Speaking of grabbing, am I the only one that steals fruit off of their neighborhood trees? I just hate seeing good fruit go to waste!

Pea Party.

The garden is totally kicking butt right now…I’ll have to post an update soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a photo of Stella munching on her first snap pea from the garden! I planted a huge patch just for her and she’s seriously lovin’ it right now. I’ve even taught her how to eat them from the vine! Can you say spoiled?? #thisdog




This dog.

Oh Stella. Such an excellent bed maker šŸ™‚
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