Colonial Creek campground and Blue Lake day hike

Washington Pass Outlook in the North Cascades -

Phew! What a weekend! Just got back from a trip up to the North Cascades, which is a place I’m not all that familiar with. I’ve done the Diablo Lake tour back in the day but besides the crazy cool color of the lake, I don’t remember much else. Man, I’ve been missing out! What a gorgeous part of the state.

Hiking Blue Lake - North Cascades, Washington State -
We stayed at Colonial Creek Campground and a few peeps went out early on Thursday and snagged us some great spots since you can’t reserve them in advance. I’m not sure what us regular weekend warriors would do if we didn’t have someone out there scoutin’ for us…when we arrived on Friday evening, the campground was completely full. I would have been really disappointed to have driven all that way out there to find no place to sleep. I understand the charm (?) of the no rezzies thing, but it’s 2015 people, let’s get this online booking cracking. End of rant.
Blue Lake - North Cascades, Washington State -
A dog swimming in Blue Lake - North Cascades -
A couple enjoying the Blue Lake Hike -

On Saturday, we completed a day hike to Blue Lake, which was a well needed break from the 9 mile, 3000 ft. + elevation gain monster trails we’d tackled as of late. It’s a lovely little trail with an amazing alpine lake at the top. We ate our snacks shore side and took in the scenery before heading back down the trail.

Washington Pass, North Cascades -
A spectacular view from Washington Pass -
Man and dog enjoying Washington Pass -

I’d say the highlight of this trip (besides the ranger talk about grizzly bears) was visiting the Washington Pass Overlook. What seemed like just another “pull out on the side of the road photo opp” turned into the most beautiful scenery I’d ever seen. This stop is the highest point on North Cascades Highway and the short loop trail winds across an outcrop of granite to an overlook perched WAY above everything. The view left me speechless and a bit shaky in the knees – I’m not good with heights. Liberty Bell Mountain rose mightily on one side with the Early Winters Spires in plain view. Wow, wow, wow! A must stop if you are traveling up that way. Overall, a great weekend with even greater people!

Colonial Creek Campground Ranger Talk about Grizzly Bears -
Colonial Creek Campground Ranger Talk about Grizzly Bears -
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