I’ve seen many pins on Pinterest lately about roasting tomatoes so I decided it was time I jumped on the roasting bandwagon. I had picked up two kinds of tomatoes (Romas and Goldens) at the Farmer’s Market last week just for this purpose and was determined to make it happen – I even had it on my “To Do” list!

Sadly, the week went by and there they sat on our counter looking extremely lonely and very ripe. I made up my mind then and there that tonight was the night – these babies are gonna get roasted! Of course I made this decision at 7:30pm not knowing it takes AT LEAST 3.5 hours in my oven. Womp, womp. I’m not a fan of late nights during the week…this girl needs her beauty sleep.

BUT the final product made up for the lack of sleep that night. You guys, they are like nature’s candy! So sweet and delicious! And, um, can I give a shout out to the roasted garlic too? I think I need to double the amount next time since I ate most of it right out of the oven.

I put a batch in olive oil in the fridge for use down the road…I’m thinking some sort of crostini with roasted garlic, tomato and some sort of cheese and put the other batch in some turkey chili I made the other night. Tomato roasting will def happen again in our household, but I’ll be sure to get an earlier start next time.

Baby Romas getting ready for roasting!
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