Sprinkled with love

I’m planning my first sprinkle shower for a dear friend whose finally able to adopt a little girl from China after a six year wait. Six years! Don’t even get me started about this – they should have been given a child 5 1/2 years ago!

She will be two years old when they pick her up this fall so we thought we’d host a sprinkle, not a baby shower since she won’t be needing the onsies and such. For those of you not in the know, a sprinkle is like a baby shower but is used to celebrate second, third or adopted kids. It’s a way to still have a party without all of the goo goo gag gag stuff.

I had a blast making the invite (above) and as you can see pink camo and cupcakes will be the theme for the afternoon. I’ve been pinning like crazy, of course, and am looking forward to attempting to make ruffle ribbon garlands, cupcakes out of cute little tees and all of the other wonderful, girly decor. Stay tuned!

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