A sprinkle.

Ahhhh……the baby shower. Probably the one type of event I’ve planned the most this year and I’m not gonna lie, I’m loving them! It’s the one chance that I get to really get creative and go all out with matchy-matchy decor. All those lovely things I pin on Pinterest most often show up at these showers.

A bit of background on this shower, or as we called it, a sprinkle (the newest trend in baby-related events – who knew!?) My gal pal has been in the process of adopting a little girl from China and they recently found out that they will be able to go and get her after SIX YEARS OF WAITING. This poor thing, who is now two years old, has been sitting in an orphanage her entire life while a perfectly capable, loving couple waits and waits and waits for the final stamp of approval. I could go on and on about how this is so utterly and completely wrong, but I’ll stop right here…..
Anyways, they are extremely excited that they finally get to meet her this fall. I’ve heard the first few months, and probably the first years, are very critical and family and baby need to spend lots of quality time together so instead of bombarding her once they get home, we thought it would be great to “sprinkle” her with gifts and love before they pick her up. Since little one is already two, the traditional baby shower didn’t seem right (OK, and I admit, I hate those baby games!) so a sprinkle it became! For those not in the know, a sprinkle is for a second or third child or an adopted child that doesn’t need all of the diapers, etc. but her friends want to throw a celebration none the less. Many times, gifts are more for mamma vs. the new baby since the assumption is that they already have many of those items.
We went with a pink camo and cupcake theme since my friend always rocks the camo pants when working her tail off as an event planner AND she loves sweets. I thought it would be nod to her tradition (the camo) with a twist (the girlie pink). Lemme tell you, my friend is not a girlie girl so we figured we just needed to go all out and get it over with – bows, cute dresses and tutus are going to be a staple for her from here on out!

With a late afternoon start time, we decided that cupcakes and cookies were the only way to go. Oh, and with a side of fruit – gotta keep it healthy! The weather held out on us too so we served iced tea, lemonade and sparkling wine on the porch. Presents were opened, cupcakes were consumed and the mamma to be loved it all!

As a fellow event planner, I know just how hard it is to “let go” and let someone else plan an event – she did well even though she showed up early and asked if she could help šŸ™‚ Event planners – sheesh, so controlling! I hope she enjoyed her celebratory kick off to their new adventure.

Congrats friend! We can’t wait to spoil that child rotten!

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