Seattle Tilth’s Urban Farm Tour

Seattle Tilth Urban Farm Tour - chickens, permaculture and organic gardening -

Ya’ll know my love for Seattle Tilth so when their Chicken Coop & Urban Garden Tour was announced, my calendar was marked STAT. The idea behind this event is to have urban farmers open their yards for insight and inspiration for us up and coming farmers. Hosts were available for short tours and Q&A at each location.

Farms were open all over Seattle, but my Mom and I were on a bit of a time crunch so we stayed close to home in the south end. We visited five sites that afternoon and walked away with a ton of great ideas. I’m actually glad we didn’t check them all out as I’ll be able to check out the north end next year for even more inspiration! (more…)



Organic pests -

UGH. F’ing slugs! They are the bane of my existence right now. I bought all of these lovely little starters from the edible plant sale the other week and they are being violently attacked by these slimy suckers. Every morning I walk out onto our patio to find even more clinging to my traps OR even worse, on my poor plants! I’ve heard they can eat their own body weight in a day. Cool, real cool.

So far, I’ve tried:

  • salting them
  • crushed up egg shells
  • crushed up clam shells
  • grapefruit slices THEN salting them
  • beer in a shallow dish

If you have the time, nothing is more satisfying than salting them. Not sure if I’m sold on the egg/clam shell route, which is suppose to give them too sharp of a surface to slim around on. Grapefruit works well, but a dish of beer is my new go-to method. Stupid things just drown themselves. I also read that it’s better to not change the dish too much as they actually are attracted to their dead comrades. That’s twisted.

This is making me really reconsider ducks and chickens for our yard……. šŸ™‚

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