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Top: A work in progress. Bottom (left to right): Every gardener needs a machete!, Stella checking out our new pear tree, I have a seed hording problem.

Well it’s that time again! Though this time seems to be earlier than most years – hello warmest February ever. Sheesh. This sunny weather has been putting me into yard/garden overdrive these days. Every weekend has had at least one full day of yard work. I even got sun burned the other day – WTF Seattle? I thought I would have a few more weeks of hibernation, guess not. So in preparation of growing season 2015, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Here’s what’s been done:

  • Pruned fig tree and grape vines
  • Pruned and re-strung raspberries
  • Pruned camellia, hydrangeas, pine tree and rhodies (thanks Aunt Susan!
  • Cleaned up peony bed and added two more bushes (yay!)
  • Added strawberries to the herb bed
  • Planted 3 apple trees along fence line
  • Planted 1 three-in-one pear tree on east side of house (how genius is that! self-pollinating.)
  • Planted round 1 of seeds near herb bed
  • Made a bad ass hippie stick art thing
  • Added landscape rocks to end of herb bed to make it look more finished
  • Picked up 10 bags of moo doo for veggies – highly recommend Sayers Fuel on Rainier

Here’s what’s left to do:

  • Buy blueberries for the blueberry patch – getting these bad boys at the Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale on March 14!
  • Straw bale garden alongside the shed – too lazy to make a real garden bed this year, so this will do
  • Figure out where to plant my 3 new dahlias
  • Prune plum tree
  • Finish veggie garden layout
  • Plant more seeds!
  • Make more fun hippie stick art!

Phew! That’s it for now. What have you been up to in your yard these days?


wallace falls.

Wallace Falls hike, Pacific Northwest
Yes, my friends. More hiking pictures! We tackled Wallace Falls the other weekend with our pal Kiki and his main pooch Dudley.  That lil pup had a grand time AND made it to the top of the falls with little assistance needed. Poor guy was brown by the time we were done – he was a trail favorite though and EVERYONE stopped to compliment him! The trail was pretty packed that day, more so than I like, but what can you do? With all of the rain we had, the falls were pretty epic. Overall, a solid little hike with a wet ‘n wild ending at the top!

w. seattle.

Oh man, Seattle has been mighty pretty lately and it’s only January February! We’ve been heading outside just about every weekend and it’s been SO freaking nice. Fresh air and pounding the pavement and/or trail sure does a mind and body good! Snapped these shots over in West Seattle the other weekend when we accidentally made ourselves walk 6 miles. Note to self: Salty’s is not anywhere near Alki Beach.

West Seattle outdoor art -
West Seattle scuba diving
West Seattle sunset

hiking is for lovers.

 Dirty Harry's Balcony Snoqualmie Pass hiking
 Been slayin’ the hiking trails lately! We spent Valentine’s Day hiking to Dirty Harry’s Balcony, which ended up being fogged in. Womp, womp.  I brought my new camera all the way to the top of this thing to pull it out approximately zero times. I usually stop and take photos along the way but as you can see, this trail was ALL rock leftover from an old logging road. Ankle breaking rock to be exact and one had to pay close attention to where you placed your next step. I was really glad to have my hiking poles that day. We came back off the mountain to blue skies and capped off our day-o-love with homemade macaroni ‘n cheese and chocolate fondu 🙂

Zealous Zucchini.

The first of the season!

As most gardeners know, zucchini is just one of those “plug and play” veggies in the garden. They don’t need a ton of TLC or babying and they produce like a mo-fo. It’s a total ego booster, so if you’re new to gardening, def plant one or two! Even after trading and giving most of them away, I’m still left with a few each week. I’ve been trying out a few new recipes lately with these green monsters and here are the ones I’ve liked the best!

Zucchini Corn Pancakes
Oh ma gawd! These are good! Great flavor and interesting texture though they don’t re-heat very well so eat them all while they are hot off the stove.

Three Cheese Zucchini Rollups
Easy to make so double the batch while you are at it! They freeze well too.

Zucchini Bread
Duh. Like a total no-brainer. I like mine heavy on the cinnamon and nutmeg. This savory bread looked pretty delish though too…might have to try it out this weekend!

What are your fav zucchini recipes?? Care to share?

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