Quinault Lodge

Quinault LodgeJust thought I’d share a few thoughts from our quick side trip to Lake Quinault Lodge. We had some extra time to kill on the way down to the ocean over the new year holiday and I knew that it would be best spent headed back to a beloved childhood destination. My family spent many a mid-winter break (remember elementary school break?!) at the lodge. I’ve got nothing but THE BEST memories from this special place – swimming in the pool for hours on end, playing ping pong in the game room, sitting by the fire at night playing cards, hiking the nature trail – it was a lil slice of heaven for us kids. It’s also the place where we laid my grandpa to rest almost 18 years ago. In fact, the last time I saw him was on the way to the lodge, in the Duffy’s restaurant parking lot in Aberdeen. I recall him not looking well in the passenger’s side of their truck – he wasn’t able to go inside for his favorite slice of blackberry pie, which should have been a red flag for me. My teenage brain just didn’t comprehend how serious it was. Shortly thereafter he was admitted to the local hospital and passed away a few days later due to pneumonia complications. That parking lot was the last time I ever saw him.

His ashes, along with some of our dearest dogs, are spread on the Quinault River and not to get too morbid on you…I want to be put there too. It’s a beautiful, secluded spot miles up the river surrounded by moss covered trees and snow capped mountain sides. It’s so quiet, and so still. So peaceful. I haven’t been there in at least 15 years and it meant a lot to me to show my husband this special, special place, reminisce a bit and most importantly say hello to him. It had been far too long. I wrote him a message on the ice covered bridge, gave him the family updates and told him how much I missed him. It was a sad but extremely meaningful visit. I’m so glad we went. Lake Quinault Lodge Boathouse

Rain gauge at Quinault LodgeQuinault River, Washington State

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