Baby sewing projects

FullSizeRender(3)I’ve had some free time on my hands lately and have been scouring etsy for coming home outfits which made me remember that I have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills. Duh! ***Side note: why do all coming home outfits have freaking arrows on them? Please, for the love of god, no more arrows people.

Not sure if I’m ready to tackle an entire outfit, but it did send me into the depths of the internetz to find some easy baby sewing projects that will keep me busy on the weekends. And who knows, maybe I will be ready to try and sew her something to wear by the end of the summer!

So here’s what I’ve been working on. Most were made with scraps of fabric I had collected over the years. Gotta love almost free projects!

Taggie blanket that crinkles! The secret to a good crinkle you ask? Plastic cereal bags. Mind blown.

FullSizeRender(5)Drool bibs! Puppies? Yes. Holiday prints? Yes.

Burp clothes. I think a 5 year old could make these – they were SO easy.

I also have a cute fleece animal ear hat flagged on Pinterest as well as a flannel rag blanket. Oh and headbands. Gotta have the headbands. More to come on those projects soon!




The final product!


I thought I would share one of my recent sewing projects that ended up being a holiday gift for my sister’s cat, Tuna. I know, I know….presents for cats……we’re a strange family around here.

I used the same technique as I did for Stella’s quilt, which I made a few months back. I simply picked a few fabrics I liked, the main one being these cartoon sharks, cut them into different sized strips, sewed ’em together, batted the back, quilted a bit, then finished it off with self-binding edges. It’s really so simple 🙂

Things I learned with this project:

When using a fun patterned fabric, be sure to give yourself additional fabric for seam allowances – I lost a few sharks that way because I forgot to calculate the actual sewing part. My bad.

When piecing this bad boy together, I laid out the strips in the order I want them to be then sewed the first and second ones together, third and forth together, and so on. Once those were paired up, I went back and pair them up again…and again….until they were all sewed together. This method helps keep your sewing lines straight and your fabric from going wonky. I found this blog to be helpful!

The top layer is done!


Always a fan of pressing the seams.


Pin it up, quilt it out.



A sewing sneak peek!

Just a lil sampling of what’s to come – my first sewing project outside of class made especially for my favorite furry friend. Stay tuned for the final product!


Sew fun no. 4!

The final product! (The pillow, not the chair)

Mastered buttons and the holes they go through. Yeah buddy!
So I’ve graduated sewing class and to celebrate, I’ve purchased my first sewing machine! It’s an entry level Brother CS600i that vaguly resembles the high end machines we used in class. A lot of the bits and pieces looked the same so that made me feel like I could manage it without too much hair pulling. It also had rave reviews on Amazon so that must mean it’s legit, right?
Not sure what I’m going to make first on it…..I should probably stick with something I know so I can fully finish a project without too much frustration. Patience usually isn’t my middle name and sewing requires a lot of that. Stay tuned for my first creation!

Sew fun no. 2!

Oh man, I think I’m officially addicted to sewing! Now I just need to buy myself one of those fancy machines 🙂 This placemat is the third out of four projects in the series. It involved a bit of quilting and a ton of embroidery, but it came together very easily! I suspect I could pop out 4 in an hour with no problem. There may be some holiday gifts coming your way people! My last class is actually this coming Sunday. I’m extremely tempted to take the beginning quilter’s series next. We’ll see if time allows……

The final piece!

A little up close quilter action.
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