One year wedding anniversary

Wow. One year has flown by just like that! It seems like just yesterday we were getting all decked out for our special day. Photos were taken, dancing happening, cake was consumed….sigh. The single most fantastic night of our lives. Now we are fully back into the everyday mode of life – walking the dog, making dinner and paying bills. Super glam, yes?

So in honor of the date of all dates, November 15, 2014, I once again present to you our wedding video!


honeymoon highlights 2

So Mo Bay wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. It was really close to the airport, which is good when you are having to leave town, but bad when you are sitting on the beach trying to relax. After coming off of five days of quiet relaxation, this was a bit of a shock to the system. But then they showed us to our upgraded room and I was a little more OK with things 🙂 Give me 600 thread sheet counts and a luxury bathroom and this gal will be alright!

Highlights from Montego Bay:

  • Beautiful, deluxe room with gorge bathroom and uber comfy four post bed
  • Private island with cabanas that you can rent
  • Renting said cabana for the day and enjoying private butler service!
  • Lively grounds with exceptional people watching
  • Tubing down the Martha Brae River

Overall, our trip to Jamaica was a wonderful, relaxing ten days. It was the perfect end cap to our wedding celebration. Many thanks to those of you who contributed to our vacation with excursions, meals in town, spa treatments and other romantic touches. It was a trip of a lifetime that won’t be forgotten!

Sandals Resort Montego Bay Jamaica -
A room with a view!


Sandals Resort Montego Bay Jamaica Private Island -
The private island.



Maj activities.


Sandals Resort Montego Bay Jamaica Private Cabana -


Private cabana day!


Martha Brae River Tour Jamaica -
Our tubing guide, Dancer.


Touring the sugar plantation.


All day, every day.

honeymoon highlights 1

I’m going to try and not bore you with a thousand pics of us drinking on the beach (though we did a lot of that!) We spent 10 glorious days in Jamaica honeymooning right after our wedding. We decided to go the all inclusive route to give ourselves a mental break from having to make even more decisions. A wedding was bad enough!

We created a honeymoon registry (which I highly recommend) so we were able to get out of the resort a lot of check out the local scene. I was afraid to stay at one resort for the entire time, I mean, what if the food was horrible or the beach was crappy!? We’d be stuck! So we split up our time between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. I must say, I preferred Ocho Rios over Mo Bay. It had a more laid back vibe and was close to a lot of outdoor activities that we wanted to do.

Other highlights from Ocho Rios:

  • Adults only resort with beautiful, tropical grounds
  • 24 hour room service!
  • Juice bar with fresh smoothies and healthy sandwich wraps
  • Close to a ton of outdoor activities
  • Spa overlooking the ocean
  • A popcorn machine ON THE BEACH = my idea of heaven 🙂
  •  Friendly staff!
Couples Resort San Souci Jamaica -
The beach!
Couples Resort San Souci Jamaica spa -
Post massage relaxation.
Getting ready for some water sports!
Glass bottom boat tour.


Couples Resort San Souci pool and bar -
The pool!


Romantic, private dinner on the beach.
Surf ‘n turf baby!


Water bikes!
Cooking classes!
More flora.
Our last day there 🙁

i’m back! (kind of.)

Phew. It’s been a minute peeps. Sorry about the radio silence these past few months. I had this big event thing that had been taking up WAY too much of my time 🙂 Now that the big wedding is over and the honeymoon has been had, we are semi-back to normal. I say “semi” because as soon as we landed back in Seattle it was literally December and time for the holiday season. Weekends booked up in a snap of a finger and I’m looking at some time in January before we have a “normal weekend” ie. having nothing important planned. Oh how I long for those days…

But in the meantime, here are a few shots my fabulous photographer Jennifer Hutter sent me. Um, hello!? I got these via email while in Jamaica and about peed ma pants from excitement. Check out her website here if you are in need of a local photographer. Words cannot express how freaking awesome she is! Highly, highly recommended.

We’ll get the whole lot-o-pics coming up here in the next week or so! I’ll be sure to share some of my other favorites with you along with our honeymoon AND a lil wedding video footage. Woot!




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