Working out in Seattle just isn’t cheap. We’ve got literally one gym “sort of nearby” our house on Beacon Hill and all of the gyms near my office on Capitol Hill are $70+/mo! Get outta here. I guess I didn’t realize how spoiled I was with my $30/mo. Gold’s Gym membership back in good ole K-town. Those were the days……

So instead of forking over the big bucks and having to choose just one, I’ve been keeping a close eye on those pesky deal sites in hopes of snagging some discounted memberships. I’ve been pretty lucky lately and have kept myself in a semi-regular workout schedule so far.

MODE Fitness
$45 for 2 months at their gym – includes four 30 minute personal training sessions
The good: near my office, usually not crowded, clean facility, cable TV!, free parking nearby
The bad: personal trainer didn’t always seem super excited to be training me and did not ask much about my goals and experience level, self motivating gym – not always my cup of tea

$50 for 2 months of hot yoga classes
The good: super cool teachers, never overly crowded, later class times, that heat! guys in those tiny, tiny shorts 🙂
The bad: $4+ parking, bathroom doors in actual studio (seriously weird layout), not near my office and a 20 min. drive from home

$100 for 10 classes
The good: near my office, lunch time classes, THE HARDEST WORKOUT EVER
The bad: THE HARDEST WORKOUT EVER, classes move along really fast sometimes so it’s hard to keep up

Beacon Hill location – S Lucile Street & 18th Ave S
Capitol Hill location – Lakeview Blvd E & E Howe Street
The good: free, free parking, close to home
The bad: getting yourself motivated, the last set (though your butt will thank you later!)

And just for fun…..

The good: free, easy to do at home whilst watching TV, it’s only 7 minutes people!
The bad: getting yourself motivated, it’s only 7 minutes?
I’ve done this workout a few times now and although it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m always sore the next day. I actually do this 3 times so I wrap with about a 30 minute workout. Not bad for free!


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