Nursery story board

CaptureMan, these are kinda fun to make! Been racking my brain for the perfect nursery design that isn’t too baby or girlie and fits in with the rest of our home. I wanted it to feel colorful with an ode to the outdoors AND be able to grow with her. Oh and not break the bank! I can’t believe folks fork over $500+ for a crib alone! This budget mama isn’t having that.

I immediately fell in love with these baby animal prints and everything else started to fall into place. I admit, the rug was a bit of a battle with the hubby as he did not like it. Actually, I think he hated it at first! I searched and searched but couldn’t find anything that matched his vision. Who knew he had such expensive taste in rugs? In the end, we negotiated (thank you fantasy football!) and the rug is now on its way šŸ™‚

I did do a bit of measuring the other day and am now unsure if the glider will fit. I love the idea of having a chair in there, but not to the determent of having zero space. I’ve seen some cool, vibe-y rocking chairs that would totally fit but they don’t look very comfortable. We do have some space out in the living room so perhaps we’ll go with a comfy chair out there for nursing? Ugh. Decisions.

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