5 Months

Likes: hair and/or beard pullings.
Dislikes: sleeping between the hours of 2 and 7 a.m.


4 Months

Likes: sucking her thumb.
Dislikes: ending up on her tummy after she rolls over.


3 Months

Likes: kicking and funny faces.
Dislikes: being burped.


2 Months

Likes: sleeping on people.
Dislikes: her own barf touching her (but can ya blame her?!)


Maternity Photo Shoot

14215221_10210497798983444_92510645_oI was totally on the fence about booking a maternity photo shoot. It has been a rough month for us and adding yet another “To Do” item to our list seemed a bit daunting. But gosh, I’m glad we did! I found a local mom/photographer and we met up a few weeks ago at a local pea patch right before sunset. I wanted that warm, late summer light and she captured just that! Here are a few more…take a look!


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