The Garden Part 2

Well I can’t believe it – the garden is finally coming together! An expensive trip to Flower World, 5 cubic yards of dirt and lots of gravel has turned my soggy, sad yard into a pretty, relaxing garden. It’s still a bit rocky for my liking, but once the moss begins to fill in I think it’ll soften up a bit. A few well-placed planters might help too.

All of the plants and flowers are small so there are still a few empty spaces, but hopefully they will start to fill in by this time next year. I spent a lot of time questioning my placement of each plant but I really don’t feel as there’s a rhyme or reason to it. I’m hoping that plant repetition in each bed will kind of tie it all together. Watching things grow these past few weeks has also made me realize that plants from Home Depot, Fred Meyer, etc. don’t do nearly as well as the plants from Flower World and Molbak’s. They may be a bit more expensive, but they sure hold up a lot better. My poor Fred Meyer plants are really struggling right now!

Unfortunately, the fence line is the only part that gets any sun so lounge chairs probably won’t work, but I am looking into some sort of outdoor seating for those BBQ nights (which we’ve had two of so far)! Nothing beats a few steaks on the grill!
More pictures to come….my camera has been acting funny lately…..

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