Going Paleo.

I’ve recently had some decent success on good ole WW lately, so I thought I would mix things up and try going Paleo whilst on WW to see how I would feel for a week. WW regards meats and nuts as higher point values so it’s going to be a challenge to stay within my point limits, but I think I should be able to stay pretty close to my target. I will also be curious to see if our grocery bill skyrockets. We usually don’t buy a ton of meat and we all know nuts aren’t cheap…I love me a good experiment though!

Here’s my game plan:

I’m usually an oatmeal and hot grains cereal kind of gal so this will probably be the most difficult meal for me. I’ve penciled in egg and veggie scrambles and bacon plus a few pumpkin paleo pancakes. I’ll also have to wake up a bit earlier to make sure I have enough time to cook in the AM. Ugh. Oh, and buh bye coffee. I can’t drink it black so it’s onto green tea.

I figured salads with interesting veggie combos and nuts plus these turkey BLAT roll ups will do the trick. I won’t have to venture too far off my normal meals for lunch thank god! I might have to look into soups too – I suspect there’s a way to make some paleo versions out there.

Can you say fish or meat and veggies? Yeah, that’s going to get old real fast. I’ll have to do some research in regards to paleo friendly sauces and such to help with these dinners. I do plan on mixing up my proteins so hopefully that will keep it a little more interesting for me. Even though I come from a family of fishermen, I really don’t eat that much fish. Time to start buying salmon again.

I think I’m going to like my new snack selection! Jerky, guacamole, fruit, veggies, nut butters? Sign me up! I will have no problems in this department!

I think my biggest challenges will be giving up coffee and dairy, especially cheese and full fat greek yogurt. And beans, glorious beans. It will be interesting to see how I feel after some time on this meal plan.

Have you gone paleo lately? What are your tips and tricks to success? Any favorite recipes you’d like to share?

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