Part 3: Al Natural

Photo: Al Natural!
Photo: Now this is a vacation…
Photo: The view from our bungalow.
Photo: Home sweet home.
Photo: The path to the bungalow – through the jungle!
Photo: Group lunch.
Photo: Chillin’ on the dock.

After 6 days exploring the cities and towns of Panama, we finally took our final bumpy boat ride to the resort where the wedding festivities would commence – Al Natural Resort! A 40 minute ride from Bocas, the eco-resort is on the tip of the island surrounded by that awesome bright blue water. Adam, Dean, Zach and I shared the last bungalow on the line – a 5 minute trek through the jungle. It was open to the ocean with a large deck, hammock and draped mosquito netted beds. It was like chic camping with a running toilet! I was all about that – except for all of the bugs and lizards running around. So not a fan of those geckos. Ick.

We got to meet everyone else in the wedding party, which totaled more than 50 close friends and family and spent the days swimming, sunbathing and exploring the island. We also had all of our meals together – seriously some of the best food I’ve had in a long time! I think I could eat coconut for the rest of my life! Yum. After dinner dance parties, bonfires and boozing took us into the wee hours of the night; everyone was very excited for the wedding!

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