Rumble in the jungle round 2.

And it happened again….while attending a friend’s b-day BBQ last Friday, the bird pictured below attacked me. Go figure, hun? Who is their right mind owns a f-ing turkey!? Only in Georgetown…

My only thought as to why it attacked was that it wanted was was on my dinner plate. I also happened to be wearing a maxi dress with a feather-like print so dude must have thought I was a rival turkey? I ran for my life, this bird at my heels, my dinner plate spilling here and there. I’m hoping I didn’t scream bloody murder as I ran, but can yah blame me? As I made a final lap around the driveway (I think I made 2 or 3….), a party goer shooed him away with a large stick.

I suspect I know where I’ll be getting my turkey this year for Thanksgiving…..

Evidence from the attack.
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