Seattle SuperSonics

Sonicsgate Webby Winners!

The Sonicsgate crew attended the 14th Annual Webby Awards Gala in NYC last night to collect their award for ‘Best Sports Film.’ Each winner was allowed a 5-word speech and it was pretty obvious what theirs was going to be. The surprise was with who delivered it……see the speech below!

Of course I was way jealous to see all of those celebs in attendance, especially when the BF texted me that he saw Lisa Kudrow and Jason Bateman. Dang!


Savin’ the Sonics

Like most of you know, the BF produced a fab documentary about the Seattle Super Sonics and their ugly departure from our fair city to icky Oklahoma City. The movie premiered last fall and the momentum has not stopped yet! The documentary, entitled Sonicsgate, has been nominated for two Webby Awards – “Best Editing” and “Best Sports Film.” If you have a moment, please vote for them!

Click HERE to VOTE FOR SONICSGATE for Best Sports Film and Best Editing at the 2010 WEBBY AWARDS!!! Every vote helps restore the legacy of the Seattle SuperSonics and increases our chances of getting a team back. We really appreciate your support!

You have to register an account real quick but it only takes 2 seconds.
From, click the Best Editing category.
Click the red Vote button to the right of our entry.
Click the Confirm button to submit your vote!
Repeat from Step 1 with the Sports category.

See for more information. Awesome.
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