Steamboat Rock

steamboat rock state park.

Steamboat Rock State Park, Washington State. Banks Lake boating. Oh Steamboat, you minx. Why do you have to be just so darn good? This was the year of all years…the lake was high, the mosquitoes few and the smoke from local fires gone. Newbies joined in on the fun. Wake surfing happened. BLs were consumed. SIGH. It was heaven. Our annual trip was shorter than usual, but we eeked out all sorts of fun and made too many memories to count. These sorts of yearly trips have become ingrained in me as of late. What started out as a little camping fun has now become the single most important trip for me. For my soul really. I want like 10 annual trips to look forward to šŸ™‚ Care to join me?


Steamboat 2.

A water slide was built. We tested it out. You know, just to make sure it was safe for the kids šŸ™‚
DP takin off.

P-dizzle flyin high.

AB tossin it up.

LS rockin the “no board needed” technique. Ouch!

Steamboat 1.

And, we’re back! Two nice, sunny days and three so-so days filled with smoke from nearby fires but that didn’t stop this crew! BLs were consumed, mosquitoes were killed and action became the name of the game. More pics to come….

The Rock.
Hurray for Steamboat!
High five for Steamboat!
I flip for Steamboat!

The good stuff.

Necessary gaming.

Our view from our campsite. Not bad…..

Bon voyage.

Heading to our happy place shortly! Hello Steamboat! Can’t wait to unplug and dip my toes into that deep blue lake (BL in hand of course!) Out of all the trips we take, this one is my hands down favorite. We missed it last year due to the move into our new house so I’ll be looking to make up for lost time. I suspect I won’t have a problem…..
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