Easy travel apps

As the countdown continues, I’ve been putting in a lil research about some (hopefully!) helpful apps that will get us around Europe. Here’s what I’ve downloaded thus far:

Any old free currency converter
We’ll be visiting nine countries in three weeks, most of which are not on the euro. Face to palm. I’ll be relying on this app heavily to be sure I’m not buying a $10 beer.

I’ll be upgrading my phone plan for the month but still need to keep my data use in check. I can see how it could get out of hand wandering around these historic towns! This app will allow me to access maps without burning through my data.

I was stumped as to where to keep our travel documents easily accessible without having to dig through our emails. Dropbox seemed like a good place for them!

We’ve booked a lot of our accommodations through this site so it will be helpful to have at my finger tips!

Tourist Eye
I really wanted an app where I could store the things I wanted to see and do in each city we’re visiting – kind of like Pinterest but where you could have access to the location too. This seems to do the trick for the most part, but I’ve noticed that there isn’t a ton of information on there. I’ve had to upload quite a few attractions and restaurants so far.

Trip Advisor 
I used to have a weird thing against Trip Advisor as it seemed gimmicky to me. I’ve quickly gotten over that and am using it to come up with a quick and dirty list of cheap eats in each city we’ll be visiting. I then download them to Tourist Eye for easy tracking.

OK, and this is definitely not an app, but my Rick Steves Eastern Europe book is coming with me! It’s the weight of a small child, but I’ve read it front to back numerous times and it’s become a security blanket of sorts to me 🙂

What travel apps have been the mostly useful to you? Let a friend know!

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