Zippy Zip Lines

Nothing to really report the last day and half besides hangin’ by the pool. Figured you didn’t need to hear about that…..went zip lining this afternoon – our first activity of the vacation! We drove up this super bumpy dirt road to Wild Canyon Adventures, which is right between Cabo and Cabo del Sol. We had a quick briefing and demonstration then they sent us on our way. To get the swing of things, we did a quick little line, then it was on to the big stuff.

My mom cried and screamed the entire time, but she made it. Some lines you went tandem while others you went alone. It was pretty crazy how much speed you could pick up! There was a lot of hiking in between the lines, which kinda sucked. You really had to work for those few seconds of fun on the line – oh well. Oh and sitting in those harness things – not exactly comfortable. Note to future zip liners: wear long shorts. Short shorts weren’t cutting it.

I think we’re going to take it easy tomorrow with a morning snorkel then will head to Cabo on Sunday for a day long boat/snorkel trip. Should be fun. Then I’ve just got one more day and it’s back to rainy Seattle.

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