Makin macaroons

Made these delicious goodies for the double holiday weekend….first attempt at macaroons and they came out fantastic if I do say so myself! I think adding that bit of almond extract made the difference in flavor. Check out the recipe here at Skinny Taste – one of my new fav food bloggers!


My attempt at food blogging

One of my goals this weekend was to do a step by step food blog post, like all of my fav foodie blogs do, catching all of those lovely cooking instructions with equally lovely photos. Let’s just say I fell extremely short of my goal.

Trying to take photographs for each step was a total and annoying disaster. I really disliked stopping to set everything up for a picture, especially since I cook fast and messy. I always pull a recipe and think how great it’ll be to take the time and enjoy the baking process, then I find myself getting bothered and just blow through it all as quick as possible. This recipe was no different – and no matter how much I slowed down and I set it all up, the pictures just didn’t look right.

Speaking of pictures, most of them did not turn out very well, no matter how hard I gussied them up with my cool retro overlays or vintage tints, which usually do the trick šŸ™ I’ll stick with posting a pic of the final product and leave the food blogging to the real food bloggers.


A toast to the holidays!

Made my first batch of Hot Buttered Rum mix over the weekend and picked up some Kracken Dark Spiced Rum (per a co-workers suggestion). Man, cool packaging AND tastes fab – sign me up! Now I just need to keep myself from drinking these every night……


Lunch time special @ Shamiana

I’ve been trying to hit up some of my favorite lunch time spots before I leave the Eastside for the fast-paced, foodie city of Seattle. For some reason, I always forget this place for lunch though it’s one of the fam’s go to places for dinner when the Sugiura’s want to do a bit of celebrating!

Shamiana serves up a mean Indian buffet lunch for $9.95. Yup, that’s right, $9.95 for killer Indian food! They have THE best curry around – the Major Grey Chicken comes highly recommended by yours truly. Try it out sometime if you’re on the ‘other’ side of the lake.


Turkey time!

I must say, my first attempt at cooking a turkey was a great success! I decided to go with the oven bags after receiving good reviews from my colleagues and I’m glad I did! It came out perfect and moist and all I did was throw it in the oven for 4 hours. I was a bit worried at first because the darn thing was still a bit frozen on the inside after 3 days of thawing in the fridge. Luckily, that didn’t seem to matter and the bird was that perfect, golden brown.

I cheated on the stuffing and the gravy – I know. Prepping that bird was stressful enough so I figured I could cut corners in other places. The Trader Joe’s cornbread stuffing mix was pretty awesome. I just added some cooked sausage to beef it up. The gluten free gravy was OK. Next time, I’m making gravy the old fashioned way (just gotta figure out how to get the juice out of the bag without making a mess!)

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