It’s Party Time!

As in Valentine’s Day Blogging Party Time! I had a great time getting to know my secret Valentine gal pal, Megan, via the internetz. Her blog is full of lovely photographs, her amazing crochet work and most importantly, her family (including the furry ones!) I thought it was sorta fun to be paired with someone who is literally on the opposite corner of the country. Hello Florida!

Now, onto the good stuff! Megan must have sensed my crafty side and endulged me in a ton-o-supplies including paper, tags and stickers all put into a fun re-usable tote. You can never have too many totes! And come on, those tags are right down my aisle (especially the ‘I Need’ one…hehehe).


Thank you Megan for the thoughtful gifts and thank you to these lovely ladies below for setting this up! It was a great way to virtually meet someone whose blog I might never come across. I can’t wait to participate in another one of these blogger exchanges!



Special delivery!

Got a lil somethin’, somthin’ in the mail today! Can’t wait to share it with you on Feb. 7 for the big Valentine’s Day Blogger gift exchange reveal!


Vinegar, Vegetable, Miracle

I’ve come across quite a few sites touting vinegar as the best cleaning product around so I thought I would give it a shot. Our shower has been extremely neglected in the past few weeks so naturally that was a good starting place to test this theory out.

I mixed 1 cup distilled white vinegar with 1/2 cup Dawn liquid soap (after heating up the vinegar in the microwave first). You combine this into a spray bottle then get cleaning. The best thing about this is that there’s little scrubbing involved. Just spray your entire shower down (the mixture will have a gel-like consistency) then wait a few hours and rise off. Tough soap scum might need a bit of elbow grease, but not much.

I must say it works and it worked well! The only downside of this was that my entire bathroom reeked of vinegar for a day and we had to keep the fan on in order to even set foot in there. And by reeked, I mean so potent you could probably pass out in there/minor eye burning. If your bathroom has a window, this will probably be less of an issue for you.

My next cleaning project with vinegar will be to freshen up the inside of our dishwasher….stay tuned…..I know this is extremely exciting stuff people 🙂

P.S. – I just impluse bought a food dehydrator so get ready for some food drying posts! I recently read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barabara Kingsolver and the book contained some mouthwatering recipes that require dried tomatoes. Since tomato season is right around the corner here in the Pacific NW, I thought it was time I got crackin’. Cherries are also in season so those bad boys will also be dryin’ up in no time. And hello? Fruit leathers? Sign me up!

Check out her website below – it contains those recipes too.



Floor it

Finally broke down and forked over the cash for a new kitchen floor. The old one was an icky white that I could never seem to get clean. It also looked like it was installed by someone who didn’t exactly know what they were doing and it was peeling up in places. Decided to stick with vinyl and went with this dark grey one in hopes that it wouldn’t show the dirt as much. Unfortunately, my hawk eyes can still see the dirt, but at least it cleans up well!

Sadly, my car transmission prevented me from also replacing the yucky countertops. Those new trannys just drained the good ol’ bank account. Will have to save up for them again – maybe next spring will bring some shiny new counters!


Deck Demo Time!

Been super busy at work with concerts – there hasn’t been a weekend where I’m not working for at least a few hours. Ugh. Just a few more shows and it’ll all be over with – then I can focus on remodeling again! I’ve got a nice long to do list for the fall.

Dad got home early from AK and while he’s not working, I’m putting him to work. He began demo on my bedroom deck today. It was completely rotten and carpenter ant infested. Ick. Can’t wait to get a nice shiny new deck installed (even though we never use it because 1) it’s off the master bedroom and 2) it gets zero sunlight)! More pictures to come…..

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