You guys, my mind is seriously blown. I can walk outside to my garden, pick a few things then have dinner side dishes and dessert going just minutes later. I know that’s how a garden should work, but this newcomer is totally in awe these days! I suspect the fiance is sick of me yelling to come outside and take a look at how big (fill in the blank…with veggies you dirty minded people) got!

I sauteed these snap peas and carrots in a lil butter and made fritters with the zucchini, which is growing a mile a minute. I swear, each time I’m out in the yard, there’s another huge one waiting for me. I’m starting to give them away because I just can’t eat that much zucchini. I’m all too happy to share!

We also have a bunch of blackberry bushes behind our house in an overgrown alley and they are already plumping up. Since no one can access them but us, I know they haven’t been sprayed with chemicals and have been eyeballin’ them all summer. Jams, pies and blackberry mojitos fill my dreams – yum.

I quickly picked about two cups the other night to make this slab pie thing to get my fill though I did cheat and use store bought pie dough (organic of course so that counts right?) A girl has her weeknight limits, you know? A friend and I are picking this weekend and plan on making some wicked jam. Can’t wait!

My harvest from the other night. So freakin’ awesome!


I rounded up just enough blackberries for this rough lookin’ pie thang.
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