Birthday Snaps to Me (and Taylor)!

It was pointed out to me this morning that it is also Taylor Lautner’s birthday as well (Twi-Hards be jealous, very jealous). I am exactly 10 years older than him. Wow. That doesn’t make me feel old or anything….At least I won’t have to feel so bad about looking at his hot, shirtless bod since he’s no longer jail bait šŸ™‚

I will be spending my birthday working, going to lunch with my two BFF’s Penny and Megan at George’s in Kirkland then it’s off to Zumba class. Not too exciting as I am saving it all for my family dinner at my ‘rents tomorrow night. It’s way more fun to party on a Friday anyways!

Fun Facts for February 11:

  • Sarah Palin celebrates her birthday today – yikes! So does Leslie Nielson, Jennifer Aniston and Burt Renyolds.
  • Vice President Dick Cheney ‘accidentally’ shoots Harry Whittington in the face, neck and upper torso while quail hunting. Accident? Hmmmm.
  • It’s National Peppermint Patty Day – ick. the one candy I really don’t like. lame.
  • Julia Child’s ‘The French Chef’ premiers on TV in 1963.
  • The Beatles’ first US concert in Washington DC in 1964.
  • Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1990 after serving more than 27 years.
  • Howard Stern’s radio show begins transmitting to Rochester, NY on WRQI in 1993.
  • The use of the genetically engineered growth hormone for cows, rBGH begins in 1994. Good times……

The Bachelor

Every Monday night, my girlfriend Aviva comes over to my condo to watch the wonderful show that is The Bachelor. Granted, we are way more into of The Bachelorette – I mean what girl wouldn’t want 20 hot guys to choose from?! – but in the mean time, this show fills the reality show void. (And P.S. – a big THANKS to the BF for getting me a new flat screen for my b-day. Love him and love it!)

After devoting two hours of my evening to watching the drama, I was totally irked! Usually, I’ll watch the show, have a few laughs (and a few glasses of wine) and call it good. But for some reason, yesteday’s show really made me mad, especially Ali.

She was easily the front runner in this gig and she turned the whole show into 120 minutes of woe is me. I mean, come on, get a grip and make a decision! This whole weepy, mind game crap was ridiculous. I read on Jake’s blog this morning that she made everyone wait 3 hours, 3 FREAKIN’ hours while she hoed and humed over the decision, even after Jake said he wanted her to stay. Then she says she loves him – um what? – then she leaves. You don’t tell a guy you love him for the first time, then leave him.

Obviously, Ali was just not that into him and she valued her career far more than her love life (ain’t nothing wrong with that girlfriend, just don’t pretend you are all about finding the love of your life, sheesh.) After an infamous ‘Jake – Rail Lean of Dispair’ and too many tears for people who’ve known each other for only a few weeks, the show finally wrapped up with the group heading to some place tropical. Good god, let’s hope Gia steps up her game and Vienna continues to act a little nuttier than the rest to keep things interesting. We all know Tenley will be heading home next. That poor girl just needs to go home and forget about men for a while instead of bringing up her lame ex-husband at every possible moment.



After hitting the gym four days in a row this week (go me.), I think I’ve maxed my poor old body out. It’s amazing how much things can change from 18 to 28….my knees creak, my feet can’t seem to move fast enough, stretching becomes a must and cool downs….I can’t forget about those or else my muscles tense up so badly that I can’t walk. Ugh. To be a late-twenty something trying to get back into shape. Fun times.

I’ve got one more class for the week, Body Pump on Saturday morning, then I’m good to go until Monday. I think the gym whirlpool hot tub and steam room will be calling my name after class……Can’t wait to enjoy a little SuperBowl action on Sunday with many beers and cheesy dips. Yum.

Go Saints!


And More Birthday Snaps for My BFF Megan!

Extra special b-day snaps to one of my best gal pals, Megan who was born exactly one week before me. She is one of my partners in crime and we’ve spent endless hours shopping, camping and gossiping. She is one of the most loyal and honest people I know and I love her to death.

Much love Megs on your special day!!!
Photo: Megan and I getting ready to clam dig on the Washington Coast. I think she’s the only gal rockin’ pink boots on the entire beach.

Zumba Zumba

I attended my first Zumba class last night at Gold’s Gym and it was, by far, the most fun I’ve ever had in a group exercise class! I’ve always loved dance/aerobic classes and this one was full of energy and entertainment compared to many that seem to fall a bit flat.

Martha, our instructor who rocked a lime green bandanna, took us through a variety of latin dance steps, twirls and hip shakes and before I knew it I was taking off my hoodie and working up a good sweat! She even incorporated in a belly dancing series that totally worked our abs.

I was proud of myself for picking up most of the steps but my hip shaking could use a bit of work. I also couldn’t quite coordinate my arms and legs at the same time either. At one point, I had to stop looking at myself in the mirror because I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous I looked. Hopefully, the coordination will come with time and I’ll look like a Zumba professional!

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