Cappy's Boxing Gym, Seattle -

Cappy’s keeping it real.

Now that I’ve been through two cycles of ClassPass, I thought it’s time to give it an ole review. My previous group class membership, FitMob, was bought by ClassPass, so it’s the only gig in town now. I was a bit bummed at first. I liked that Fitmob did not limit how many times you could visit a studio per month while ClassPass did. ClassPass only allows you to book one week out too, which I thought would be an issue, but it hasn’t been so far.

I really like the concept of having access to all sorts of gyms and studios around town. A single month long pilates studio membership can run you upwards of $80 and this pass is $70 and gives you WAY more options. This gal likes her options! Here are some of my favorite classes:


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