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Cappy’s keeping it real.

Now that I’ve been through two cycles of ClassPass, I thought it’s time to give it an ole review. My previous group class membership, FitMob, was bought by ClassPass, so it’s the only gig in town now. I was a bit bummed at first. I liked that Fitmob did not limit how many times you could visit a studio per month while ClassPass did. ClassPass only allows you to book one week out too, which I thought would be an issue, but it hasn’t been so far.

I really like the concept of having access to all sorts of gyms and studios around town. A single month long pilates studio membership can run you upwards of $80 and this pass is $70 and gives you WAY more options. This gal likes her options! Here are some of my favorite classes:

Cappy’s Boxing Gym
I joined Cappy’s before my wedding and boxed there 4-5 times per week leading up to the big event. It’s a great cardio workout (who knew I could jump rope for 2 minutes?!) and the coaches are uber friendly and remember your name. It’s by far, the most genuinely positive gym I’ve been too. Gold stars all around for Cappy’s!

Pure Barre
Besides Cappy’s, I’ve probably spent the second most studio time at Pure Barre. They’ve got a location just blocks away from my office and they offer a noon class that works great for my lunch break. Some teachers are nicer and more friendly than others, but the workouts are KILLER. They purposely want you to get your muscles shaking. Oy!

Barre 3
Barre 3 was actually my first barre studio experience a few years back and I hated it! Fast forward a few years later and barre is my jam. I recently returned to this studio and found the pace a little less frantic than Pure Barre, but still got my sweat on. I’d say the crowd at this studio is more mature and there’s fewer hardcore ex ballerinas strutting their stuff.

I’ve gone back and forth with Mode Fitness, I used to work out at their gym then got bored and their class schedule never really synched up with mine until they started offering this class. I’d say it’s more yoga than pilates, but the instructor is really great and gives helpful demonstrations to get you perfecting your yoga postures.

Pure Cycle
The Live Love Flow studio is located on the way home from work and they’ve got a great cycling/yoga class at 5:30 p.m. that I’ve recently been taking. I love me some spinning, especially in a dark room with loud music – this studio does just that! They also have a variety of yoga classes in a warm (not hot) room. I attempted my first headstand at this studio so I’m definitely feeling its vibes.

What are your favorite workout classes? Lemme hear them! I love trying out new things šŸ™‚

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