summer eats.

Tomato frittata with spring green salad -
Man, it’s been hot around here lately. I know, I know….I shouldn’t complain because it’ll just turn around and rain for the rest of the year then I’ll be complaining about that too. Such is life as a Seattleite! We aren’t exactly known for 90+ degree days so when it stays hot like this, I try and be extremely strategic when it comes to dinner. There’s nothing more crappy then having to be in the kitchen so I try and make things that will last a few days and be OK if they are served cold. In comes this frittata – add onions and feta cheese too! What’s your go to dinner for hot days?

Freakin fab frittata.

You don’t mind if I lick the screen, right?

This losing the wedding weight biz ain’t all that fun, but a freakin’ fab frittata can sometimes make it OK. This recipe calls for only two eggs and maj egg whites which keeps it on the lighter side. Sauté up some of your favorite veggies and sprinkle a lil feta cheese and you are good to go my friend!

Check out the recipe I loosely follow HERE. Thank you skinnytaste for creating killer recipes such as this one!


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