32 for you.

Well, today I turn a fresh 32. Interesting…….I still don’t feel like I’m into my 30s but hey, that’s cool.
Never one to shy away from a party, I tend to embrace my day of birth. Clam digging at the ocean, midnight bowling, poker games, even a lil Krav Maga action – my poor guests don’t know what they are in for sometimes! And as long as it ends with cone cakes, glorious cone cakes, you know the party was a true success.

This year, we headed back to one of my favorite spots – Pacific Beach – on the Washington State coast. I’ve clocked in many hours at this beach digging for razor clams but this time around, it was all about relaxation (OK, and eating and drinking). Thank god, because it was like fra-reezing! I’ll post some beach pics later on this week. Just need to go through the 300+ that I took!

In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, I dug up one of our videos from my Krav Maga party from a few years back. Oh geeze……good times!

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