Back in the day.

South Seattle House Puget Sound Regional Archives
The hizzle! In 1944!

You guys!!! Look at this awesome photo of our house back in 1944 in BOEING HEIGHTS! How cool is this? I love me some local Seattle history and was digging around one day and came across a website that directed me to the Puget Sound Regional Archives.

I sent them my address and a few weeks later, they emailed me back saying they have a photo and a few documents that I could purchase. I called them like 2 seconds later with my credit card – the gal who answered the phone, laughed and said “that was fast!” And ta-da! Our home. We don’t have some crazy, historic home but it was neat to see where it all began.

It looks like the front door location had changed over the years along with the window sizes. And our kitchen used to be a carport of some sorts too. It was converted in 1950 and the half bath was added on in 1962. Gosh, even the detached garage wasn’t built then! Though I suspect once they did those add-ons, the garage came shortly after. And hello, Boeing Heights? I think we need to bring that neighborhood name back. None of this South Beacon Hill crap anymore!

I showed this to my Mom and she said it reminded her of her grandparent’s house, who used to live off of MLK, just a hop skip and a jump from our place. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that for some reason…like that we’re living in a little piece of the past šŸ™‚


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