Countertop construction

We’ve been going through some semi-maj repairs around the good ole condo lately to get it all spiffy to rent out. I’ve been wrestling with counter top ideas for the past few months since ours were old and very stained. Every material I looked into was uber expensive and I have HARDLY ANY COUNTER TOP SPACE people. Ugh. I couldn’t justify forking over $1500+ for a rental condo counter top.

Luckily, I came across a photo of butcher block counter tops and liked the look. A few quick Google searches later and I found some decently priced ones thanks to IKEA. I bought two big slabs and spent one weekend treating them with linseed oil. I was told that a few coats of this would make these slabs virtually waterproof. Ummmmm……not so sure about that……water rings are already showing up! A little more high maintenance than I’d like but I think I might be able to fix that with the right stain/oil combo. Stay tuned…..

I was going to subway tile the back splash but my handyman suggested that we just use the leftover butcher block instead. Genius. Those will be installed next week with new tiling in the bathrooms. Man, I love a good home improvement project (that I don’t have to do myself!)

Installed IKEA butcher block countertops -
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