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Currently in love with these peonies.

Watching: The new Kurt Cobain documentary – Montage of Heck. Didn’t get a chance to see it on the big screen, but man, pretty interesting stuff. I loved all of the footage from his childhood and seeing his art. The soundtrack was pretty amazing too.

Loving: This Seattle weather. 70 degrees in May? I’ll take it. And so will my tomato starts thank you very much.

Listening to: I should just take this off the list…music isn’t happening much these days unless it’s a lil live streaming action from KEXP. We’re headed to the Sasquatch music festival shortly and this concert goer is VERY unprepared. Not really sure who’s even playing :-/ I suspect I’ll be finding all sorts of cool, new music.

Doing: Meal planning. Now that the chaos of work has settled down, it’s back to making dinners at home and bringing lunches to work. Ahh…frugality.

Reading: My fav blogs these days – this one, this one and this one. I had a few library books on my kindle, but alas, 21 days is never enough time to finish them.

Eating: Fresh lettuce, arugula and spinach from the yard. This is becoming an every other day sorta thing and I’m digging it (literally.)

Thinking about: Our upcoming trip to Eastern Europe in the fall. We’ll be hitting up 6+ countries in 3 weeks and the thought of adapting to new cultures, languages and hell, even exchanging currencies is starting to stress me out. Not to mention only bringing a backpack.

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