Guest bed redo.

I thought I was going to have all of this time to document our newly cleaned house from our party last weekend, but alas, I totally forgot. Now our house is back to its messy self and there’s no way I can put together a full house update like I was hoping. Womp, womp.

Instead, I will give you to this ‘before’ and ‘after’ pic of our guest bedroom (one of the only rooms that didn’t get partied in). Most of its decor was recycled from either our condo living room or spare bedroom/office so it might look a bit familiar. Pair those items with a fresh coat of Ben Moore paint in Mt. Rainier Grey, and you have yourself a spiffy new room!

I’ve always been a bit torn about forking over the $$$ for Ben Moore paint but I haven’t had good luck with Lowe’s or The Home Depot matching a paint swatch of theirs yet. The color choices at Ben Moore are just so mind blowing…I go to the other home improvement stores and it’s always such a disappointment. I’ve found that our smaller rooms only take 1 gallon of paint so I’ve been able to justify it to myself 🙂 I’d rather pay a few extra bucks for a color I’m obsessed about vs. settling on something that is OK.

I still need to paint the window trim and closet door (not shown) in white, add a light fixture AND eventually add some new flooring, but for now, it’s lookin’ mighty fine! I’m also glad my picture collage found a good home too since it did not work out in the hallway. More on that later…….

  • Paint walls
  • Paint wood trim & closet door white
  • New blinds
  • New light fixture
  • Add art
  • Update flooring
Boring before.

Amazing after!

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