Front porch preview


With all of the guests coming over last weekend, I knew I wanted to give our front porch a bit of a holiday update. I’d been pinning away for the past few weeks and had all sorts of ideas in my head. And after painting the front door that bright yellow, I knew it’d be a great base for a fall makeover.

I was all hell bent on making my own fall wreath, but by the time I got home from work, cooked dinner and walked the dog, I was in no mood for crafting. I drug my butt to Michael’s anyways and found this fun feathered thang. Throw in a 40% off coupon and I didn’t feel so bad about not DIYing.

I also picked up two small pumpkins to create those Mr. &Mrs. ones. A few shaky brushstrokes later with black acrylic paint and they were good to go. I had read about printing out templates, spray glueing them to the pumpkins, etc. but I just free handed these babies saving myself probably 5 or 6 steps! I’m not sure how the paint would hold up on an uncovered porch with rain, but they seem fine enough when covered.

The vintage box actually came from our storage shed. I’ve got quite a few cool looking ones – real cobwebs and all! – left by the previous homeowner. Add a few gourds – some spray painted gold – and you’ve got yourself a happenin’ holiday front porch!

How are your garnishing your ghoulish front porch this year? Are you a total DIYer or do you cut a few corners like I do?


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