Sew fun!

I signed myself up for a five part beginning sewing class a few weeks back when I had more free time on my hands and my 1,200 person event wasn’t fully looming on the horizon. Our first project was a nifty canvas tote that I totally rocked at. I was hooked. I was excited. I had found my new hobby!

Fast forward a few weeks, with the Luncheon shortly behind me….I’m exhausted. I’m worn out. I needed days where there was nothing I needed to do but relax…..and suddenly my iphone reminder for my sewing class pops up. Argh. Crap. Ugh. This is the last thing I want to do. I make a quick jaunt to the fabric store to pick up my supplies and rush to my three hour class in a totally bad mood. I DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE.

Then we turn on our machines and sewing begins to happen and colorful, zippered bags start to take form. I’m hooked again. I’m happy. I’m having so much fun that the three hours fly by and I end up with this:

Pretty, darn cool if you ask me! That’s a zipped pouch, fully lined with a touch of embroidery natch. This is the hardest class in the series and if you ask me, I think I rocked it out 🙂 I also learned that there’s a late night open sewing workshop twice per month, where you can sew whatever your heart desires AND use their uber nice sewing machines. OMG. More zippered pouches to come!
If you are looking for a good, entry level class series, check them out at Quality Sewing & Vacuum. They’ve got locations all over the Seattle area though teacher Jamie in the Kirkland location is pretty darn good :-)
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