Made it into work on Tuesday, after a 1.5 hour bus ride on a bus with chains on a bare road. Luckily, the office was closed down on Wednesday, though the ride would have probably been OK with all of this SNOW! Got about 5 inches overnight, which pretty much shut down the city.

Been working/cleaning/crafting all day – made cookies, matzo ball soup and walked Stella. It was pretty crazy to hear branches falling down in the woods because of the weight of the snow. Had to reroute the walk a bit to avoid getting bonked in the head. We’ll see what tomorrow holds……


Cribbage partner…..

I had always wanted a lap dog and when I first got Stella she was everything BUT that. I recall countless evenings when she was a puppy trying to get her to sit still on the couch with me. Six years later, it’s just the opposite. I can’t even sit down without her trying to jump all over me and settle in. Magazines, books, a cribbage board….as you can see nothing gets in her way!


Finding the roots

We don’t see the Sugiura side very regularly, but I always look forward to learning more about the family tree from my aunts. I’ve done a bit of digging around on and with their help, I’ve been able to fill in many of the gaps. Last I heard, we can track part of the family back to Cornwall! They’ve recently been sharing photos from the past (I even received a framed photo of my grandfather and his siblings for Christmas!) and it’s been really cool to record oral history too. Hearing those stories is beyond interesting and, as cheesy as it sounds, you can really see how your past creates who you are today.

In this last ’bout of story telling I learned that my grandfather and my grandmother grew up together (photo above: my grandmother, Elizabeth, is the child with the swim cap on sitting on the left side of the photo and my grandfather, Joseph, is the third one in on the right hand side whose squinting or making a funny face?). My grandmother’s father forbid her from seeing my grandfather because he was Japanese. Obviously, that didn’t stop them and they eventually were married.

I also learned that my great grandmother was a ‘lady of the night.’ She supported the family because my great grandfather was discriminated against in the workplace for being Japanese. They had six children together and in one family photo, you see three dark haired children and two very blond haired and blue eyed children – def not from the same father! Whoops. Luckily, my great grandfather accepted all of them as his own. More photos and stories to follow!

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