Um What?

Happy NYE!

Oh…..Statigram. You get me every time! I was bit surprised that this year’s holiday tree made the cut, but the usual suspects were represented as well i.e. Stella and our engagement announcement. And hey, who knew a pic from college would show up? Gotta love a ladies 40’s night – we were a classy bunch!
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year! See yah in 2014! It’s gonna be a good one……

Sick as a dog.


UGH. I’m sick. I’m so sick that I’m debating whether or not I can attend Thanksgiving this week with my family. See, I have a lovely 85 year old grandma who means the world to me and to think that I could potentially give her this bone shattering cough/illness/sickness/disease thing just doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment coming up shortly, so hopefully that will help me make my decision. I swear, I’ll have a 6-pack after all of this hacking.

But that’s just the icing on the confetti cake…..we’ve suddenly had a myriad of house issues this past week. When it rains, it pours my friends. It all started on Friday, when I received a frantic call from the BF saying the power in our ENTIRE house is out and that there is smoke coming from the breaker panel AND that he was late to a meeting and had to run. I begged him to take Stella with him and began calling around for an available electrician as the zeros started adding up in my head for a complete electrical overhaul.

I found a reputable company that was available that afternoon and met them in our cold, dark house. They immediately honed in on the issue (poorly installed outlets in the kitchen) and got our house back up and running in no time. The outlets kept tripping the entire electrical system, which is why our heaters haven’t been working for the past two months. Finally, we had actually, real heat again too! I gladly handed over the payment. Huzzah for working heat!

The weekend went by without a hitch and come Monday morning, I noticed that the front door wasn’t locking. Great. Real &*$% great. Luckily, the BF was home that day and was able to keep an eye on things. I came home from work sick that afternoon, called a locksmith and 1.5 hours later had a working door. A few more dollars bills slipped away – sigh – but we had a beautifully functioning front door again.

Thinking that the worst was over, the BF goes to take a shower that night and the shower head is at a trickle. Really? We tie on a baggie full of vinegar to see if that would do the trick but alas, who was I kidding? It was still not functioning the next day and I was left to take a bath using a cup. Wow. And I thought it couldn’t get any worse…..I had a big meeting that I couldn’t miss that morning and this gal needed a shower with all of that lovely steam to decongest. #$%*

Fast forward through the meeting (which I nailed nach) and I get home to a front door that won’t unlock EVEN THOUGH WE JUST GOT IT FIXED 24 HOURS AGO. OK, so I maybe lose it on the front porch. Call up the BF, have him try his keys, kick, scream and finally barge into our house. The locksmith comes back and completes some minor adjustments and we’re back in working order. After a good couch nap, I tackle the shower head and got that fixed and back into working order.

So to recap, we now have working heat, a brand new re-keyed front door, a steaming shower to enjoy and a drained bank account. Fabulous. Sorry for the whinefest my friends. It’s been a hell of a holiday week around here…..



So yeah. We’ve got some “free range” chickens in our neighborhood along with an illegal Seattle rooster. They were kinda charming when you could only faintly hear them, but now that they’ve escaped (?), I’m not so sure……do I become the mean neighbor just weeks into moving in and call Seattle Animal Control or just let ’em roam wild? A dozen fresh eggs per week would keep me silent – just sayin’….
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