Um What?

Keepin it classy.

When things seem to be nose diving into the crapper at 100 miles an hour and it’s ONLY Monday, the best thing you can do is: 1) round up some friends, 2) make up a few cheese trays 3) crack an Olde E (brass monkey style no doubt) and 4) hang the fuck out and decompress.

What should be happening…

I should be living at my parent’s house, happily counting down the days until we move into our new home. Instead, we’re still living at our condo that has been in contract since early June and our dreams of a new home might be taken away from us.

I should be saving money and living gloriously rent free for a few weeks. Instead, we’ve had to pay another month’s worth of mortgage and bills which were not budgeted for.

I should be all packed up and in storage. Instead, we are half packed/half unpacked and living in total chaos.

I should be relaxing and saving up my energy for the “big move.” Instead, I’m having a panic attack and/or nervous break down every time the phone rings with more bad news and more missed deadlines.

I should be excited to decorate and organize our new home. Instead, I’m wondering if we’ll even get to set foot in it with all of this financial mess around the condo.

I should be getting the final documents from escrow for the condo closing on Friday. Instead, I’m left in the dark not knowing what is happening (and having more nervous break downs)

I should be experiencing all sorts of wonderful emotions and excitement from purchasing a new home in a new city. Instead, I’m left feeling depressed, stressed and anxious with all of these things up in the air and no resolution in sight.

Obviously, what should be happening, isn’t. I’m going to go cry in a corner now….


So this happened…..

We got the heck out of town…

….and reinacted GOT no doubt….

….then ate this….

…..and ran into Jeff Ross on the way home. Overall, a successful weekend šŸ™‚

An open letter to BECU

Dear BECU,

I liked you, I really liked you. I thought you were the bank for me. You were cool. You were hip. You were honest. You were everything that I had wanted in a bank. But after this whole mess, I don’t know if you and I will work out.

You see, I work very hard for a living and have been saving and saving in order to move us to Seattle so that we can be closer to our jobs. We were able to sell our condo and we had also found exactly the new house we were looking. After weeks of ups and downs, I finally thought, “This is it! It’s really going to happen!” You don’t know just how excited I was; I was already picking out paint colors in my head.

I come to find out a few days ago that the buyer of our condo is getting financed through you and that their paperwork has been sitting on someones desk this past month. With the closing date being next Monday, your team has asked for TWO ADDITIONAL WEEKS to begin to process all of this. I can understand a few days, but 2 weeks seems like an aweful lot of time, especially when that closing date is just days away from my new closing date.

These next two weeks are going to be majorly stressful and worrisome because your employees didn’t do their jobs. If my condo doesn’t close quickly, I could lose thousands of dollars and our new home. It will be completely devestating and we’ll have to start from stratch. I’m just hoping that this will all work out, but until I see that signed paperwork, I’m going to be a complete mess thanks to you.

We were suppose to move out this weekend. We were suppose to be able to save a bit more money to be able to make sure we’ve got a little extra padding. We were suppose to be excited about this next chapter in our lives. Now I’m left with a half packed house, an extra mortgage payment, an EXTREMELY tight deadline to close on our new place and not to mention a whole lot of inconvenience.

Your lack of customer service and attention to detail has really made me re-think being a customer of yours (something that I’d never thought I’d say.) As soon as this all shakes out, I’m going to have to re-evaluate our relationship. It just might not be worth it.


A very unhappy BECU customer


Through the backdoor……

Just a lil Seattle celeb sighting at the world premier of my BF’s most recent documentary šŸ™‚ Europe anyone?
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