wedding 1.

Please bear with me….I’ve got lots of photos to share and am going to break ’em up into a 5 parter if that’s cool with you guys 🙂 Wedding Post 1 is dedicated to the morning of the wedding as we were getting ready in different parts of our fair city.

My sister and I spent the night at the Alexis Hotel in downtown Seattle. We had a lovely, spacious suite and my friends Penny and Megan (aka Pegan!) visited that morning for breakfast. Hair and makeup weren’t due to start until 11 a.m. so we had lots of time to kill – almost too much time if you ask me! My parents showed up right as our beauty regimes began and we were dressed and out the door in no time.Getting ready wedding photos with puppy - Getting ready wedding photos - Putting the finishing touches on the wedding dress - Rings and the dress - Adam and his brother, Josh, spent the morning at our hizzle on S. Beacon Hill. I heard it was a very typical morning – they went out for brunch and hit the local gym. I love how our photographer captured these storyboard images of him. Swoon, that beard!Groom getting ready - cultivatedrambler.comGroom finishing touches -

Blue and purple wedding tie -
 Next up, the first look…


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