wedding 2.

First look photos on Seattle rooftop - cultivatedrambler.comOh, the first look! I was so nervous to see him! I had found this BEAUTIFUL photo of a couple taken on a “secret” rooftop garage in Seattle. The photographer wouldn’t share the location, so I did a bit of sleuthing and figured out where it was. Thanks Google Earth – hello Macy’s parking garage!Close up first look wedding photography - cultivatedrambler.comFirst look rooftop location in Seattle -

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), the weather was crisp, clear, and WAY sunny, which washed everything out. Our photographers did their best, but that soft, dusky light that I was hoping for was not to be found. Oh well! I think we still got a few good ones! I’m going to keep this location in mind for another shoot down the road. I wanna capture us in that light!Urban wedding photography in Seattle - cultivatedrambler.comUnique wedding photography location - cultivatedrambler.comThe second location for our bride and groom photos worked out much better. Out of all of the photos, I love these the most! Our smarty pants photographer scouted out some locations pre-wedding and found this gem of a place. The drama – I die. I’m so glad she went the extra mile for us. These are getting framed and going on the wall!Pink and purple orchid wedding bouquet -

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