wedding 3.

Seattle wedding photography Sodo -

We didn’t have a large wedding party, which was a good thing and a bad thing. Good because there were less people to round up and bad because we didn’t get any photos with our dear friends. Looking back, I should have found a way to make the friends photos happen. Darn it. BUT action shots happened, so there’s that!Bride and maid of honor photo shoot in Seattle -

Fun wedding photo idea -

Groom and best man photo shoot - culitvatedrambler.comFun wedding photo shoot idea - culivatedrambler.comThe family photos were the ones I was most nervous about. I was a mild train wreck at this point in the day. We’d been taking photos for a few hours and I just wanted to be done and relax a little. Rounding up everyone was a bit of a task and I suspect I might have yelled at people once or twice. Sorry/not sorry people. Pay attention!How to stage a family wedding photo shoot - 01-293 01-290 01-282

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