an update.

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Because I know you guys are just as excited as I am about what’s in my garden this year šŸ™‚ Here’s the final game plan for growing season 2015. The large square is the main bed and the three beige beds are the straw bales. I am also experimenting with a small section on the patio but it’s becoming more of a slug feeding station vs. a garden at this point.

Got around to planting the straw bales this past weekend with lots of green goodies! Round 2 went into the main bed this weekend too. And I’m happy to report that round 1 of seed planting was 80% a success, which I consider a win. Usually butter lettuce rocks in the garden, but it had like a 2% germination rate. Boo. If round 2 doesn’t take, then I guess it’s time to get new seeds.

What else? Purchased three blueberry bushes at the Tilth sale and now have a little patch going – hella excited about that. Also bought rhubarb on a whim (thanks Aunt Susan!) so that is now tucked into a nice lil corner. I’ve got tons of flower seeds and can’t wait for it to warm up just a hare so I can add those to the mix too. I totally spaced and didn’t plant any last year besides marigolds – can’t wait for all of that color! Oh and I impulse bought potato starters yesterday. Jesus. This is an addiction.

So enough about me, what’s going on in your garden these days?

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