les ocean.

Another epic weekend at the Washington Coast! We were spoiled with a hizzle in the Seabrook community. It was a little TOO nice with TOO many kids running around. I prefer my visits to the coast to have a bit of grit to ’em. But, having a hot tub to soak in post dig wasn’t so bad šŸ™‚

We had two days of early morning digs, which many of us weren’t super happy about. But once we were up and on the beach, it wasn’t so bad. Plus, there was plenty of time for naps and such in the afternoon. The sun even made an appearance on Saturday and we lounged on the deck with snacks and drinks in hand. It sure was nice.

The season is coming to a close in May so it’s time to put the waders and guns away until the fall. Sigh. Onto camping season!

The gang.

Seabrook Resort, Washington Coast - cultivatedrambler.com

To the beach…

Washington Coast Razor Clam Digging

Sugiura sisters slayin’ clams.

Family clam digging, Washington Coast

Just dig it.

Washington coast clam digging

Clam digging is for lovers.

Washington Coast Clam Digging

I think this is his favorite activity.

Washington Coast Clam Digging

Andy getting the hang of it!

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